W278A CUSTOM WINCHESTER HI-WALL WITH SWISS BUTT; This 1885 has the classical deluxe Schuetzen style stock with the less exaggerated Swiss buttplate. For most shooters this would make it more usable. Wood is beautiful “starburst” dlx wood in VG condition. Some scratches and handling marks. Nice fitting. Forearm wood is also dlx in VG condition also. Nice Vernier mid-height tang site and globe front sight. Barrel also has blocks for Winchester or Lyman scope. Custom with original Winchester #3 barrel which is now 26 inch. This barrel has been set back evident by the barrel markings being partially obscured by the receiver bridge.

Someone did some magnificent high quality work on this barrel in taking a 22 caliber barrel (believed to have been) and having it re-bored and re-rifled into a 25 caliber. This is a 25 caliber “Wildcat” built by someone with talent. We don’t know exactly what Wildcat cartridge this is chambered in since that information was lost in time. It is a rim cartridge in a large diameter and not based on 45-70 nor 38-55. A chamber casting would have to be done. With the size of the case, this one will have some punch to it. Another feature is the double-set trigger that works nicely. Lower tang is a replacement that likely was ordered when they built this gun. No serial number. Nearly all metal finish remains. A nice deep blue and very good looking. If you are into Wildcating this would be a dandy!

ANTIQUE   $ 5,500.