MR862 WILHELM PERCUSSION SxS DOUBLE RIFLE; This double rifle is equipped with 38-1/2 inch Damascus steel barrels. About 62 caliber with rifled bores. Very simple front and rear sights made out of brass. Smooth barrel metal with a very attractive Damascus twist pattern. The right hand barrel has multi rifling with a standard black powder twist. Left hand barrel is quite unique being rifled but nearly no twist. The barrels have Belgium proof marks. Lock plate has nice smooth metal with the “Wilhelm” on the right lock plate. Left lock plate is marked “a Poisl”. Fancy walnut stock with cheek piece and sliding wooden patch box. The stock is in very nice condition. There is a little escutcheon on the top of the gun with the letters ” J L T”. Equipped with sling swivels. As with most European percussion guns, a lot of work went into this. An absolutely beautiful gun!

ANTIQUE   $ 3,150.