MSG1246 VERY INTERESTING H. HOLLAND 20 GAUGE SHOTGUN; The frame is marked “H. HOLLAND” for Harris Holland. Harris ordered guns made to his specifications and retailed them under the name H. Holland from around 1846. His nephew Henry Holland joined him in 1876, when Holland & Holland became the company name. The individual makers of H. Holland guns have been lost to history but would have been trade makers in London and Birmingham.

This gun was originally a double rifle. Barrels have been bored out and re-chambered. It was a 50 caliber black powder express with 28 inch barrels originally. Done very professionally. The frame is a nicely engraved with a Tiger on each side of the back action lock. Action is mostly a pewter color with traces of case color. Underlever action. Sliding safety locks on the hammers. Nice checkered pistol grip stocks with a checkered buttplate. The 28 inch barrels are also marked “H. Holland” on the rib and are polished and ready for re-blacking. The areas where the sights were on the rib have been filled in. Hardly noticeable. Gun is very nice condition overall. Comes with a very nice original leather case. The case has been relined and have compartments with various accoutrements. Plaque on the top says “56 Porchester Terrace London/ S.G. Holland”. This is a nice outfit with Holland & Holland label inside the lid.

ANTIQUE   $ 4,200.