MR1105 EUROPEAN JAEGAR RIFLE; Approximately 60 caliber and has the deep octagonal rifling. Barrel is 28 inches. There is fancy and then there is FANCY! This one is FANCY! All furniture is brass and a lot of it. All in very nice condition. In the pistol grip area is a crest of some sort. Also has a sliding patch box with a large cavity. You could haul a lot of stuff in there. Overall gun condition is very good. Barres are brown and were likely brown to start with. Browning was a common way of doing barrels back in the day. The breech plug area and sidelock still retain some case color. Hammer cocks very good. The set trigger and trigger both work very well. The wood is also a piece of art with deep relief engraving of animals and the basic floral design. This theme runs throughout. There is some damage at the muzzle area and a chip missing on the right side. This was a special gun built for someone special!

ANTIQUE   $ 4,675.