MR1062 ATKINSON PERCUSSION RIFLE; This is a half stock rifle with a heavy 24 inch octagon barrel. Appears like it was cut from a much longer barrel such as those from this era. 36 caliber. Pretty good looking muzzle loader with a lot of nice looking brass furniture. Has a well done replacement ram rod. Barrel is a deep antique brown color. Sideplate has been cleaned and is a silver/grey. Light engraving on the sideplate and hammer. Customary with these small bore guns is the set trigger and this does work. Stock has an aging color. Good overall condition with some chipping at the toe. Kept in place by the buttplate and buttplate extension. Other than that it is good fitting around lockplate and upper tang. Some light chipping at the upper tang. An attractive old muzzle loader.

ANTIQUE   $ 1,275.