MHG1012 COEHORN 12 POUND MORTAR; Very similar to US 1841 style mortar. This is unmarked and made by Dutch military engineer Menno Van Coehorn early in the 18th century. A very interesting item. Designed with iron handle bars so that two men could move it along in the trenches. Made of 3 inch heavy thick planks 24 Inches by 13 -1/2 inches. Timbers are army green. Barrel is a Japan black. The bore measures approximately 2 3/4 inches (approximately 12 pound shot) and is approximately 11 inches deep. Both the North and the South used mortars in the Civil War because they were easily transportable and adjustable. They could be used from the safety of a trench or behind a barrier. The mortar was one of the most effective pieces of artillery capable of “lobbing” explosive mortar projectiles in high-arching ballistic trajectories at enemy positions. Shows a fair amount of use but still in pretty good condition. You could certainly surprise your neighbors with it.

ANTIQUE   $ 3,275.