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1B THE HENRY RIFLE BOOK BY LES QUICK; A truly beautiful production! This book is the absolute “Bible” of the legendary HENRY REPEATING RIFLE, forerunner to the famous line of Winchester guns, and one of the earliest repeaters to fire metallic ammunition of the Civil War era. Virtually the technical marvel of its age, yet many U.S. military minds doubted that the average soldier could effectively operate it. As a result, the Henry rifle saw only limited purchase and use during the Civil War, yet they acquitted themselves well on the battlefield. But very little was known about their brilliant inventor, B. Tyler Henry, and even less was written, until the author with the help of other antique arms collectors and experts who had been researching, gathering serial numbers and other information about Henry rifles for decades, has produced what is arguably the definitive word on the famed Henry’s Patent Repeating Rifle. Anatomy of a Henry Rifle–Detailed Study of Parts (Action, Receivers, Barrels, Stocks and more–Sights–Serial Numbers–Factory Markings–Finishes–Henry Accoutrements–Engraved and Presentation Henry Rifles–a veritable treasure-trove of information. The book is NEW, in its full-color dust jacket, still sealed in the original publisher’s shrink wrap! This hard cover book thoroughly covers the Henry Rifle with great photos.  Absolutely the best book out on the Infamous Henry Rifle! Out of print and only a few copies left.

BOOK   $ 125.