W3811 WINCHESTER MODEL 1892 SADDLE RING CARBINE IN 32 WCF; Standard 20 inch carbine configuration in 32 WCF caliber with a bright shiny bore and minor roughness. Sights include a folding ladder carbine rear and a pinned blade front that has a replacement blade. A decent little carbine overall but spent too much time tucked into a damp corner. Pleasing dark plum blue patina on frame. In its current state it is hard to appreciate the beauty of this old gun. There could be a fair amount of blue under the gunk. Very nice tight fitting wood has scattered nicks and dents but excellent corners. A light coat of varnish was added long ago, which splashed over onto the metal in some areas. Scattered areas of pitting and roughness on overall metal. A lot of the roughness is above the surface and could possibly be carefully cleaned off. A little heavier roughness in the wrist area. Heavy pitting on the original correct carbine buttplate. Traces of case color remain on the hammer and lever. Replacement sling swivels. Good markings. Original saddle ring. Tight mechanics. 669,XXX serial range. A diamond in the rough!

MODERN   $ 2,395.