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W2471 HENRY RIFLE; Caliber 44 RF. Gun is in the 7k serial range and just a few digits from some of the Martially Marked guns. Could very well be a Martial gun and it would be worth doing some research on it. Receiver is a dark yellow with some minor mars and dings. No signs of any real abuse. Wood is in good condition with a brass rifle style buttplate. Evidence of the Henry bump. No sling swivels. Barrel has turned a plum/brown with slight loss to the corners. Rear sight has been moved forward about 2 inches and is in the center of the barrel address. Someone must have become nearsighted and couldn’t see through the sights. The original sight slot has been carefully filled and you can’t hardly see it. Has the typical frontier buckhorn rear sight and blade front sight. This is a decent respectable Henry Rifle.

ANTIQUE   $ 24,500.