MSG772 CLASSIC EUROPEAN SxS SHOTGUN; The Europeans preferred the 16 ga and that is what this one is chambered for. The chambered length is for the short 16 ga shells in 2 to 2-1/4″ length. Markings on the bbl and frame is “Braunschweig”. On the other bbl is marked “G.L. Rasch”. Beautiful fine relief engraving on the action with some gold intertwined in the leafing. Full coverage. On top is quite a bit of gold all the way from the bottom of the tang up through the top of the action. Another unique feature that the Europeans liked was the bone trigger guard. The metal is very nice condition on both the bbls and the frame with nearly all finish remaining. The bores are good but there is light pitting on the chamber area. Wood is some sort of fancy European walnut. There is a sling swivel on the buttstock. There evidently was one under the bbl that is no longer there. LOP is 13-3/4 inch. DAC 1-1/2 inch and DAH 2-1/4 inch. This is a nice light gun that would be great for upland birds. If you want a unique good looking SxS this would be a fine gun.

ANTIQUE   $ 3,250.