MSG753 HIGH QUALITY FLINTLOCK FOWLING PIECE; Fine Italian made flintlock with gold inlays and silver mountings. Markings are “Giuseppe Merli in Brescia”. A very old gun dating back to the 1700’s to the early 1800’s. Typical of early guns, this one is quite long. Overall length is 67″ with a 51″ bbl. Approximately a 16 bore. Metal is mostly a silver color. There is fancy engraving on the bbl and side insert plate. The stock also has unique old fashioned checkering. The wood is VG overall. Some shrinkage in places and a sliver missing at the muzzle. This gun has aged quite gracefully. The front lock action and frizzen work well. Bore has not been cleaned in decades and could use a good cleaning. The trigger guard is a very long ornate affair. The front arrow shaped point is missing. All flintlocks are very unique and this high quality flintlock is something to behold.

ANTIQUE   $ 4,375.