MR599 MODEL 1819 HARPERS FERRY RIFLE; It has a very interesting conversion to breech loading shotgun in 20 GA. Hammer must be pulled to cock position to draw the spring loaded firing pin back that has been neatly inserted into the breech chamber. By pulling back on the spur lever the receiver can be opened much wider of an elevation to fit in the cartridge. The underside of the breech hand ejector has been made neatly installed underneath the stock in front of the rear bbl bed to remove the spent shot shell. There is also a reinforced plate riveted over the top of the breech area to help contain excessive pressure. Very interesting alteration. Marked on the side of the receiver is “1832”. Good sound wood. Plum-brown patina colorations with light markings. Original swivels and complete with functional ramrod.

ANTIQUE   $ 2,500.