MR1654 STANDARD ARMS MODEL G RIFLE IN CALIBER 35 REM; The Standard Arms model G is a semi automatic rifle using a long stroke gas piston and a tilting locking block on the bolt. The rifle is fed by a 5 round magazine that is loaded by opening the floorplate and dropping cartridges in the bottom. The pump is an ornate bronze handle on the forearm. The gas system can be turned off with a valve near the muzzle and the rifle can then be operated as a pump. This one has a plum/brown finish remaining on the overall metal. Wood stock is in good condition with some vise marks and a customized chunk removed at the rear of the tang. I assume this was to make room for some type of tang sight as there is also an extra hole in the tang. The ornate brass buttplate is in good condition. These were somewhat of an oddity in the firearms world and only about 2700 were produced by Standard Arms. The company went bankrupt and were bought by Bannerman who continued to sell any remaining rifles until about 1916.

MODERN   $ 995.