MR1327 VERY FINE CASED SxS RIFLE/SHOTGUN BY JOHN DONAGHY; I believe this cased set is one of the finest I have ever had. Inlaid in gold on top of the double rifle barrel is “John Donaghy of Amsterdam”. This set consists of a 16 gauge pinfire shotgun barrel that is marked in gold inlay at the receiver end ” Damas Turc”. Barrel has double concave rib running the full length with 10 additional fine lines. At the muzzle end is elaborate engraving as well as gold inlays flanking the end of the barrel. The double rifle barrel is in 15mm pinfire cartridge. It is about 30 inches with double flip up leaf rear sights and a fancy inlaid front sight. It also has the 10 rib lines running full length. The receiver has an elaborately carved and checkered stock. A beautiful Cicassian Walnut stock which retains most of the original finish. A few minor dings and bruises. Hammers are beautiful decorated with dolphin heads. Sidelocks have game scenes inlaid with gold dogs. Underlever action. Trigger guard is elaborately designed with a Roman style mask on the front, gold inlaid fruit accents, a gold inlaid group of three deer on the bow and scroll engraving. The upper tang also has gold inlays.

This beautiful gun is fitted in a French style case with 4 compartments containing various shooting supplies. The exterior of the case has a few handling mars but still in fine condition with most original lacquer remaining. Inside is a rose colored lining. Barrels have an elaborate Damazien pattern. Case colored locks with traces of color and the balance turning a silver color. Trigger guard is blued with about 50-60% of blue remaining. This outfit would be hard to improve upon. All complete with the exception of the ramrod. John Donaghy was well known for his high quality guns in the 1820’s-1850’s in the Der Neue Stockel.

ANTIQUE   $ 21,500.