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MHG937 PAIR OF PERCUSSION TARGET PISTOLS; Inlaid on top of the barrel is the name “I. Adam Kuchenreuter”. Very elaborately done guns. Both feature an 8 inch octagon barrel of about 52 caliber. Stocks are heavily carved on the top where the stock meets the back of the tang. Wrist area is elaborately checkered. Butt has steel cap that is nicely engraved. Trigger guard is completely engraved. Both feature functioning set triggers. Guns are marked on the upper tang “1” and “2”. Unusual style lockplates being of case hardened iron. The back of the breech is also case hardened. Barrels are nicely swapped and delicately done. A very interesting pair of guns. Kuchenreuter was widely known for making guns for royalty. These were no doubt made for someone of importance. All original and hard to improve on.

ANTIQUES   $ 5,500.