MHG658 CASED FRENCH PARLOR PISTOL; On the barrel is “F. P. Caron, Arq. DE S.M. L’ EMPEREUR A PARIS” . Caron was the gunmaker for Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (President/Emperor Napoleon III). After two failed coups and years in exile, Napoleon returned to France and was elected as the first president of the Second French Republic. He served from 1848 to 1852 and seized power as Emperor and reigned until 1870. Based on this history, this pistol was produced between 1852 and 1870.

This single shot is of the Flobert variety. A very simple mechanism as the hammer does all the functions. This is for the small 5.5mm rim fire. 9 inch octagon barrel with engraving towards the chamber and also at the muzzle. Deep relief engraving on the stock towards the front and a typical French pistol grip with a very ornate pistol grip cap. Likewise the trigger guard is European style engraving also. Furniture is nickel plated with nearly all nickel remaining. Some light wear. The bbl has had a refinish years ago. Well done and not overbuffed. Case has the marking on the lid. Blue felt lining. Pistol fits perfectly and has probably been with it since it was built. This gun displays beautifully!

ANTIQUE   $ 3,550.