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JM1352 MARLIN MODEL 94 RIFLE; Caliber 25-20 M. Serial numbers are in the 363k serial range which would put it in 1907 or 1908 making it well over 100 years old and it kinda looks like it. This old Marlin has “been there and done that”. I’m sure it has seen many hunting adventures! Metal is somewhat smooth with light pinpricking throughout. Mostly a grey color on the frame with brown in protected areas. A lot of dings, scrapes, scratches and cracks in the forearm. The buttstock looks like the orig was probably busted off and a replacement was put on with some “customizing”. That also has seen years of use and abuse. Dark bore that needs a good cleaning. Blade style front sight and a Frontier replacement rear sight. Upper tang is cracked/broken.

There is some interesting history with the gun. This Marlin was owned by the Sheriff of Liberty County Montana. There is several newspaper articles about Dodds Keith , Sheriff, that accompany the gun. There is a lot of colorful Montana history in the papers that are dated in the 1950’s. Also some paperwork that shows the gun was in the renowned Yearout collection. Would make a great conversation gun!

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