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C394 US COLT ARTILLERY MODEL SAA IN CALIBER 45 LC; 5-1/2 inch round barrel chambered in 45 Long Colt caliber with a good amount of factory refinish blue remaining. Very good shiny bore with strong rifling. Traces of case color on the frame. Mechanics are very good. Wood has been refinished and is a little shy to the metal. This gun has mixed numbers and components which is typical of the Artillery Revolvers. The left side of the frame has the 3-line patent markings followed by “U.S.”. “DFC” inspected frame with a double stamped “P” on the barrel and “P” on the cylinder. Though these were nicknamed “Artillery Models”, they were actually issued to a variety of U.S. Army units and particularly to have been used against the Moro warriors who were known to continue fighting after being shot with the weaker .38 caliber Colt double actions. The included factory letter confirms the original shipment of the frame to the U.S. government inspector at the Colt plant on April 28,1880, and has additional notes that it was returned to the factory for refurbishment and reassembly in Artillery configuration and reshipped on January 29,1902.

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