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C392A RARE FACTORY ENGRAVED HARTFORD-ENGLISH THIRD MODEL DRAGOON; 7-1/2 inch part round barrel chambered in 44 caliber. Overall metal is mostly a grey patina with traces of silver remaining on the trigger guard and backstrap. Engraving is visible although quite worn in spots. In R.L Wilson’s The Book of Colt Engraving page 126 he says that production was estimated at around 700 with about one quarter that were engraved. Of the 700 Hartford London Dragoons, it is estimated that about 150 were engraved. In 1861, 73 engraved Hartford London Dragoons were shipped to Joseph C. Grubb & Company in Philadelphia, and in the same year, approximately 200 (many engraved) were returned to Harford to be used in the Civil War. The barrel and cylinder have London proof marks. Matching serial numbers (2-digit) on the loading lever, barrel, frame, trigger guard, back strap and cylinder. Grips are in good condition with some edge wear, scratches and dings. Mechanics are fine. The revolver is accompanied by a letter from The Museum of Historical Arms (William and Marvin E. Hoffman) about the sale of this revolver to Dr. G.M. Huet of Huron, South Dakota, in 1967, noting that the Hartford-English Dragoons are “one of the scarcest of the Colt Dragoons”.

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