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C1450 BEAUTIFUL HIGH CONDITION DELUXE FACTORY ENGRAVED LONDON NAVY; This gun features a very elaborate deluxe relief style engraving on the frame, back part of the bbl lug, muzzle, trigger guard and the bottom of the grip. The Colt patent markings on the side of the frame are done in a flowing banner style. The back shields of the frame have floral motif. Quite striking! Gun also features the typical 1 marking on the bottom of the frame and on the bottom of the grip strap indicating it is a specially produced gun intended for engraving. 42,XXX serial range with all matching numbers. Retains virtually all of the cylinder scene. Dlx grips are quite stunning with virtually all the high gloss piano finish lacquer remaining. There were a number of London model 1851 Navy revolvers in the 42000 serial range that were unsold at the time that the Civil War was developing in this country about 1860-1861. I believe this gun was returned to the US. The reason is because it appears to have some Civil War markings on the bottom of the grip such as “Company D 1862″ and on the right heel is scratched ” J K 22 MI”.

Beautifully cased in an English style case featuring the original cleaning rod, nipple tool, loading tool, Colt Navy flask by James Dickson as well as a percussion cap box. The case is lined with red velour and in near excellent condition. Showing only a minimal amount of handling. Gun retains a considerable amount of high gloss polished blue finish on the bbl as well as on the cylinder. The trigger guard is of iron which all the London Navy were made of and retains a considerable amount of silver plate. Traces of case colors on the frame and the engraving is fantastic. One of the fanciest Colts I think I have seen. Excellent plus inside and out. Hard to beat.

ANTIQUE   $ 21,000.