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C1704/XW9X COLT SMALL FRAME 22 CALIBER RIFLE; 22 Caliber Lightning rifle with 24 inch octagon barrel. A very nice little rifle and this is a good example. Receiver has most finish remaining and is a blue/brown color. Very nice blue on barrel. Some light wear on the octagons but nice overall condition. The bore could use a good cleaning and has some roughness. Wood is way above average. Very nice fitting on both upper and lower tang. There is a chip missing at the toe but original Colt buttplate is intact. 2 very small chips at the upper corners by the frame. Forearm does have a light hairline crack from the screw going forward. A lot of these forearms are broken in half but this one is in good overall condition. Action works very well. This little Colt is a good collectable piece. The 22 Cal Lightning rifles will take all long or all short .22 cartridges, or part long and part short.

Antique  $ 1,675.