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WA12 ORIGINAL WINCHESTER 35 WCF AMMO; A full vintage Winchester 2 piece box of . 35 Winchester Soft Point cartridges. This is the older factory production by Winchester using the older Winchester cases with a “W.R.A. Co. 35 W.C.F.” Head-Stamp with “W” on Primer and “W” on the projectile. JSPN (Jacketed Soft Point , Nickel Plated ) projectile. All but two of the cartridges are original to the box. Two of the cartridges are of the newer box and DO NOT have the “W” on the primer and projectile. The .35 Winchester cartridge was introduced in 1903 for the Model 1895 Winchester lever-action rifle, and was later chambered in the Remington-Lee bolt-action rifle. The .35 Winchester was more powerful then the .33 Winchester, but because it was less powerful then the 348 and 358 Winchester it was discontinued in 1936. Nice condition hard to find box with free shipping.

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