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W351 WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 SRC IN 44 WCF; The caliber that everyone wants, 44-40. This gun has seen quite a bit of Western use. Mostly a grey/brown color on the metal. Dings and scratches, pitting on the barrel. The barrel address is very readable. Receiver has relatively smooth metal with a medium brown patina on it. The dust cover rail has been cut. For use of another sight? If they did use it for this, they would have to take the dust cover off. Three leaf flip sight on the barrel. Bore is about what a person would expect, decent rifling, roughness pretty much throughout. A couple spots of pitting. Overall good bore. Wood blends together as being about the same condition as the rest of the gun. Typical light crack coming off the forearm wood, dings, gouges, scratches etc but fit is pretty good. Old gun has seen some use but its still a good old Winchester.

ANTIQUE   $ 3,500.