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W316 RARE INTERESTING 1866 WINCHESTER; This is an 1866 SRC with cartouches. This is rarely encountered on Winchesters. A circle cartouche on the left hand side of the stock with fancy lettering that say “A O S” and the same in a banner cartouche on the bottom of the stock. These cartouches are believed to be part of the 1866’s in this serial range that were sold and sent to South America in 1877. This marking is described and illustrated in George Madis’ Winchester book. If this is the case this is a fortunate gun. Most Winchesters that made the trip south did not stay in this condition and were used very hard. This gun is a high condition SRC. Very nice aging blue adorns the bbl and mag tube. Nice butterscotch color on the frame. Wood is way above average being nice fitting and no visible cracks. There are a few gouge marks and handling mars. Solid action with no lever droop. Very good collectable 1866! Comes with Winchester Letter.

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