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W2762 WELL DOCUMENTED WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 1 of 1,000 DELUXE RIFLE; I think this is the 3rd time I have owned this gun. It’s one of my favorite 1 of 1,000’s. It is an early 2nd model with a thumbprint dust cover, 28 inch octagon barrel and full length mag tube. Sights include a gold Beaches front sight, typical 2nd model rear sight and a folding tang sight. Deluxe checkered wood is of the early style checkering and in good condition with a few handling mars and dings. Crescent buttplate with the trapdoor for a cleaning rod which is present. This gun came out of the Robert Wyatt Collection. Gun is in very nice condition with a good amount of barrel blue and about half of the mag blue remaining. Receiver has good traces of case colors in protected areas. Set trigger. Action is crisp and tight. A very pleasing 1873 and a true Icon of the Winchester Legacy. The pictures tell it all.

This gun is accompanied by a binder full of documents dating back to 1950 when it was first discovered in the Hannagan Report. There is a couple of copies of The American Rifleman where they were advertising for finding 1 of 1,000’s in 1950. Also accompanying the gun is a hard bound copy of 1 of 1,000 Model 1873 book with all the information in the Hannagan Report. On the inside cover is marked ” 6 of 6″. It’s very interesting and I have never seen one before.

ANTIQUE   $ 235,000.