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W2728 SIGNIFICANTLY HISTORICAL HENRY RIFLE TIED TO THE COMSTOCK LODE OF NEVADA; Identified as belonging to an early Virginia City Nevada merchant in the heart of the Comstock Lode during the Nevada mining boom. The gun was originally discovered by the highly respected collector Brad Witherell in about 1974 at the Carson City Nevada Gun Show. When he got home, he identified the markings “S J Black” . This Henry comes with a tremendous amount of research material. Samuel Black and his brother John were early merchants in Virginia City. They owned a business with a Mr. Howell. In those days Virginia City boasted of having 100 saloons, 3 undertakers and 4 churches. It also is reported that there were 300 deaths before anyone died of natural causes. The Black & Howell building was still standing in1976 and was the oldest brick building in Virginia City. It withstood the great fire of 1875. Unfortunately things didn’t go well with the brothers and John ended up killing Samuel in the upstairs apartment of their business.

This Henry has hand stamped on the side of the barrel “S J Black” as well as on the buttplate is “S J B”. Gun is in very good condition. The brass is untouched and has turned a very deep butterscotch color. Barrel has sharp corners and good markings. Very good bore. All parts are matching numbers and correct. Action functions nicely. Rifle was inspected by Oliver Winchester himself. Weathered stock is still in good condition and has a visible Henry Bump with perhaps some linseed oil added. Another interesting characteristic of this Henry is that in the rear barrel slot is a globe peep sight mounted. It looks like it could have been handmade from another barrel. It has a delicate “v” notch on the inside for taking a close bead on a target. Underneath that sight is the serial number 5808. Accompanying this gun is a packet of information with a picture of the store and Blacks tombstone with his death being noted as 1889. Also included is correspondence with the Nevada State Library. All original and a very interesting gun. I don’t know of any other Henry that can be traced back to the Comstock Lode of Nevada.

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