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W2705 VERY RARE 21 INCH VOLCANIC CARBINE; Original factory engraved in the typical volcanic scroll engraving style. The receiver and buttplate are silver plated and retain about 40% of the original thinning silver. Original straight grained plain stock with perhaps a light coat of linseed oil added. The barrel retains good traces of blue that are turning a plum color. Sharp corners. Light markings. Original sights. The rear sight has a smooth dark patina with traces of the original blue finish. Gun functions very well. There were less than 90 of these 21 inch Volcanics ever manufactured making this a very rare gun indeed. This is a very good example of a New Haven Arms Company Volcanic carbine with the scarce 21-inch barrel, factory engraving, and special order silver-plated finish. A nice addition to any gun collection.

ANTIQUE   $ 27,500.