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W2703 WINCHESTER-LEE STRAIGHT PULL IN 236 NAVY CALIBER; Scarce Navy issued musket with 28 inch barrel chambered in 6 mm Lee (.236 U.S.N. caliber). This one is from the Second Contract of 5,000 guns. The second contract was let on February 7, 1898 for an additional 5,000 rifles at $18.75 each. This second contract (serials 15001 to 20000) began delivery in August 1898 and was completed in December 1898. Top of receiver is stamped “U.S.N. over an anchor over -J.N.J.”- Inspected by Lt. John N. Jordan and the left side has the 2 line address. Original sights include the pinned blade front with scarce sight cover. Ladder rear sight. 5 round box magazine. Bayonet lug. Most all of the original blue remains with just minimal wear. Wood is in fine condition and appears to be gently sanded and re-oiled but looks great. A small 5 pointed star is stamped in the wood just in front of the buttplate. The Straight Pull was ahead of its time but had a short military career from 1895-1902. It has a good bore and smooth action with a light trigger pull that makes for a quick shooter. With practice it could be rapidly fired, re-cocked, and reloaded without taking the rifle from the shoulder. The M1895 Lee was carried aboard Navy ships for use by naval armed guards and landing parties, and was the standard service rifle for enlisted Marines, both seaborne and guard forces. This is a good looking Winchester that just might fill a hole in your collection.

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