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W2616 INTERESTING EXPERIMENTAL WINCHESTER 94 MODEL TAKEDOWN RIFLE; Tapered round 20 inch barrel with full length magazine. Caliber 30-30. Takedown experimental frame. This gun was originally in the Winchester Collection and comes with a letter of Authenticity identifying the gun by serial number. This collection went to the US Repeating Arms Company as part of a negotiated trade. Nice clean wood with correct Winchester buttplate. The forearm is about 6 inches long. It has a receiver mounted peep sight on it and the bolt slides underneath that. It is a side eject action. The over 6 million serial number puts this one in the 1992-1993 era.

U.S. Repeating Arms did not flourish, declaring bankruptcy in 1989. It was subsequently purchased by Belgian arms maker FN Herstal, which set about improving the whole Winchester line, instituting modern CNC methods of production at Winchester’s factory while also seeking to expand the sales and marketing of Winchester rifles worldwide. This effort would culminate in two major changes to the gun in 1992: the reintroducing of now-CNC-machined parts and solid pins back into the action, and the elimination of the traditional half-cock safety notch on the hammer in favor of a cross-bolt safety, which enabled the gun to be sold internationally.
Though the increase in build quality was noted at the time, it was the conspicuous presence of the new safety that generated the strongest opinions. It was widely reviled by American consumers and gun writers alike as a “lawyer” safety, who said it detracted from the overall look, feel, and operation of the rifle. FNH and Winchester responded in 2003 by moving the safety to the tang behind the receiver, which largely quelled the controversy. Both the last Model 94s to leave the New Haven factory before American production ceased in 2006 and the new Model 94s produced in Japan since 2010 by Miroku Corp. feature these tang-mounted safeties.

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