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W2614 EXPERIMENTAL WINCHESTER PISTOL IN CALIBER 22; Gun features a straight 10 inch barrel with a Beach’s combination front sight. Typical rear sight. A very good shootable bore. Checkered wood grips are in very good condition. Overall metal is very good with most original blue remaining. Bolt has a chrome finish as well as the trigger. According to an article by Herb Houze this is a G 20 P Target Pistol. I have not seen another Winchester experimental pistol similar to this one. I have had about 2 dozen over the years. This one is better quality than usually encountered. There is some additional info that accompanies the pistol. I find all these experimental specimens quite fascinating. We used to think they were made up by employees over lunch break but apparently Winchester was trying to develop a small inexpensive pistol using the barrels and actions from the 02 and 04.

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