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Caliber 45-70. This gun features what I believe is a number 2 pattern factory engraving with 2 gold inlaid animals on one side and a beautifully done moose on the other. Numerous gold inlays around the barrel. The for-end cap is outlined in gold. Back of the barrel has a gold band around it. Front of the takedown ring has a gold band. Top of the frame has gold. The bolt has gold lines. Around the frame there is gold lines and on the lever is gold lines. This may be a number 1 pattern. I’m not sure. Overall gun is just beautiful! 22 inch barrel. Excellent bore. Half magazine. Pistol grip deluxe wood is excellent with a monogram. Hard rubber shotgun style buttplate. Wood is excellent with most original varnish done in factory pattern D with a combination of checkering and oak leaf carving. Correct front sight. Flip up express rear sight. Gun originally was a full length magazine tube and was returned to the factory to shorten the tube to half length. Under close examination I found on the barrel where they filled in where the retaining ring was about 3 inches back from the muzzle. Beautiful job and you wouldn’t know it if I hadn’t told you about it. Overall gun is excellent plus with 95% bright shiny blue. Traces of brown patina starting to appear. When the dust settles it will be the Gold Inlaid Winchesters that are going to be the name of the game. Comes complete with a Factory Letter.