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W1313 WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 FACTORY ENGRAVED RIFLE;  Cal 30-40 Krag. 26” full round bbl. Fine bore. Original sights include a Lyman flip up receiver sight as well as a bbl sight. Gun is guaranteed correct. Records indicate that it has a fancy stock, Lyman front and rear sights, shotgun butt, oil finish, 1/2” larger Silvers pad, carved in Style D and received in the Warehouse on October 29, 1898. The gun has all these features listed but left out the engraving. Gun has to be right and this is just an error in the Factory Records. I would put my reputation on this gun being correct with the engraving. I have never seen a carved stock 95 that was not engraved. Especially with the unique 1/2” larger Silvers pad.

Engraving is a floral panel motif with 4 different game scenes. It has gold lines at the front of the receiver, end of the bbl and around the back of the receiver. Stock is in excellent condition with sharp carving. A beautiful Silvers pad on it. Fancy 3X grade wood. Overall condition of the gun is approximately 95% orig blue with some thinning on the high point areas. Sharp engraving. Deer in one panel. A moose head in another. A bear on one side and a Big Horn sheep. All original complete with an early 17k serial range. Beautiful little gun! Complete with Factory Letter.

Antique  $ 37,500.