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W1163 RARE WINCHESTER 1894 SRC 1895 VARIANT; Caliber 30 WCF. 20 inch barrel, full length mag tube and carbine butt. Sights include original ramp front sight making this the rare 94/95 variant. Winchester was a frugal manufacturer and never threw away parts. When the Model 95 was discontinued, surplus barrels were shortened from the breech end and re-chambered for 30 WCF cartridges. They were then used on the model 94. Another distinctive feature is the barrel band dovetailed into the bottom of the barrel.

This gun is in very good condition. Barrel and mag tube have a good amount of blue/plum color. Some wear at the muzzle. Receiver has flaked and retains some blue in protected areas. Overall wood is good with just minor handling dents. Mint bore. Crisp tight action. Comes with printed article from the Winchester Collector magazine that describes the rarity of the Model 94/95 variant. Also comes with a Factory Letter that simply gives serial number application date. A rare unique gun!

MODERN   $ 4,995.