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W1032 LATE PRODUCTION HENRY RIFLE; Caliber 44 Henry RF. The serial number 12850 is considered to be the highest Henry rifle serial number. Original 24 inch octagon barrel, nickel silver blade front sight and folding ladder rear sight with elevator bar. Barrel has a good amount of blue in protected areas with the balance being a dark brown patina. Receiver and buttplate are a fine aged brass patina with no evidence of being polished. The cleaning rod in the butt is missing the 4th rod with the brass end. Small “W” inspection mark used by Oliver Winchester is located on the lower tang behind the lever latch. Case hardened hammer and lever. Sling swivel on the stock and sling loop on barrel are standard features of the late production Henry rifles. Wood is in VG condition with just minor handling dings. This is a wonderful example of an original Henry!

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