MR1709 BRITISH NORTHWEST COMPANY INDIAN TRADE MUSKET; 36 inch barrel in about 65 caliber. Blade front sight. Left side of the barrel at the breech has 2 Birmingham proofs. The lockplate features the “sitting fox” at the center which is the trademark of the Northwest Trade Company and “Wheeler & Sons” at the rear. Brass side plate . All metal shows it’s age and is mostly a grey/brown color. The pan, frizzen and frizzen spring look to be contemporary recreations. Fit of the lock to the stock is poor. Mainspring is worn. Buttplate is missing and wood has several chips, cracks and slivers out as well as dings and mars. Ram rod is quite pitted. The forearm is missing between the muzzle and lower ram rod thimble. This unique musket is a great piece of history.

ANTIQUE   $ 1,125.