MR1482 **Sale Pending** U.S. MODEL OF 1917 EDDYSTONE RIFLE IN 30-06 [M]


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MR1482 U.S. MODEL OF 1917 EDDYSTONE RIFLE IN 30-06; 26 inch barrel chambered in 30-06 caliber with an excellent bore. Bolt action. Standard receiver ring markings and an ordnance bomb on the left receiver wall. The barrel is marked “E / ordnance bomb / 6-18” and features original sights and sling rings and a bayonet lug. Wood is in good condition with only minor handling mars and a small crack on the left side of the stock. There are 3 cartouches visible on the left side above the trigger. Metal surfaces retain nearly all of the arsenal applied finish. Steel buttplate. A nice example of a WW1 military rifle.

MODERN   $ 1,500.