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MR1032 WESSON & PRESCOTT 1841 TARGET RIFLE; This is a heavy barrel percussion target rifle in 40 caliber. Markings on top of the barrel are “Wesson & Prescott North Borough Mass. Cast Steel 386” and also a stamping of an Eagle. The frame is engraved as is the patch box. There is an escutcheon on the right side of the stock and on the buttplate. Heavy barrel measuring over 1 inch at the muzzle. There are holes drilled for the placement of a false muzzle. Barrel is 32 inches. Gun is heavy weighing in at just under 12-1/2 pounds. Gun is in pretty nice condition with some aging finish remaining to the barrel. The typical grey color to the frame and looks like it has been lightly cleaned at one time. Buttstock is of somewhat fancy wood and in good overall condition. There is a chip missing in the upper right hand corner. Gun is also missing the ram rod and rear sight elevator. It is equipped with working double set trigger. This would have been a serious target rifle in the 1840’s and 50’s. A very unique good looking rifle fitting for anyone’s den or study.

ANTIQUE   $ 3,100.