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MHG698 SPANISH PERCUSSION PISTOL; These are sometimes referred to as a Coat or Belt pistol. The 6 inch barrel is a very large caliber being somewhere between a 66 and a 69 cal. It is a smooth bore. If someone pulled this out of their coat and pointed it at you and you were staring down that huge hole it would not be a pleasant experience! On the barrel is a bunch of Spanish writing that I can’t figure out. One thing I can read is the date 1852. As with most black powder guns of the day, there is quite a bit of ornate work on this gun. It has a half octagon barrel with the “wedding band” transition to round. Also there is a band at the muzzle. Gun is in good overall condition being a grey/silver color. Nice smooth metal. Action works. Wood is also nice although there is a few cracks but everything is solid. Missing ram rod.

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