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MHG656 RARE FOREHAND & WADSWORTH REVOLVER; This would be the old model army single action revolver. This one has the very rare and desirable California marking as an added bonus. Serial number is just over a thousand. Cal 44 Russian. 7-1/2 inch barrel with blue finish. Forehand & Wadsworth revolvers were noted for being extremely fine quality. Not a lot of these were made. Only about 1,000. This particular gun is a very good example with very nice aging blue remaining and some antique brown color. Nice blue in protected areas. Very good markings on the top rib. The California marking is a standing bear above the trigger guard. This is rarely seen. There are a couple of different theories on the bear. One being that it was for California Militia of some sort and the other theory being that it was a gun distributor in California. A rare gun to start with and that marking makes it even more rare. A good collectable piece.

ANTIQUE   $ 7,500.