MHG622 PAIR OF MEDITERRANEAN FLINTLOCK PISTOLS; A very interesting pair. Good sized at overall length of 20 inches and they come in a dual holster. Many inlays that is common on this type of pistol. All the furniture is brass. They are highly ornate. The forearm portion is of bone. The metal is a grey color and possibly lightly cleaned many years ago. Nice smooth metal. Some markings on the barrel. Big bores at about 65 caliber. Both actions are a bit stiff but they do work. The holster is unique in it’s own right made for both pistols to fit in a single holster. A lot of ornate stitching. Leather is in decent condition although it does show some age. One strap is missing. You would have been a real bad-ass in the old days if you had this strapped to you!

ANTIQUE   $ 3,750.