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LEE1 BEAUTIFUL REMINGTON MODEL 1901 PISTOL; This gun has been entirely engraved by Enoch Tue who was a Savage engraver. It must have been a collaborated job. This gun matches perfectly with a Savage model 14 rifle. The engraving is identical with the same type of knurling on the hammer and lever. On the bottom of the stock it has a large pearl inlay engraved with a moose motif. Everything tells me it had to have been done by Enoch Tue.

The trigger guard and backstrap are all matted. What isn’t matted is left in relief. The sides of the receiver have delicate tight scroll work that Enoch Tue is known for. The barrel is contrastingly plain. All Savage’s highest grade guns are also done similar to this. Gun features a globe front sight and a typical target rear sight. Checkered wood stocks are in very good condition. Overall metal has about 95% blue remaining. This gun is fitted in a period case covered in a Naugahyde type material. This is an attractive package!

MODERN  $ 9,500.