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C366 UNTOUCHED SECOND YEAR COLT LIGHTNING SMALL FRAME RIFLE; 24 inch octagon barrel chambered in 22 caliber. Blade front and fixed “V” rear sight. A very nice barn find. Quite legible Rampant Colt marking on the frame. Opposite side of the frame has some pitting. Overall the receiver retains about 40% original blue turning a rich plum patina and gray at the high points. Overall metal has a few mars and roughness, but a lot of the rough spots are above the surface and can clean off using a fingernail. The bore is dark. Looks like it was dropped on the muzzle a century ago. Also, a couple coats of varnish likely added to the wood. Buttstock is very good plus with minor scuffs and scratches with nice corners and a tight fit. Hard rubber buttplate. Correct checkered forearm has some losses to the upper portions. Very early little 22, made in 1888. These were made for all Short or all Long 22 caliber cartridges or part Long and part Short. Not made for 22 LR cartridges.

ANTIQUE   $ 1,350.