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368 pages, hard cover. Signed and dated August 27, 2002 by author G. Scott Jamieson. Bullard Firearms is the story of a mechanical genius whose rifles and cartridges were the equal of any made in America in the 1880s, yet little of substance had been written about James H. Bullard or his arms prior to 1988 when the first edition called Bullard Arms was published. This greatly expanded volume with over 1,000 black and white and 150 color plates, most not previously published answers many of the questions posed in the first edition. The book is divided into eleven chapters each covering a different aspect of the Bullard story. For example, chapter two discusses Bullard’s pioneering automotive work for the Overman Automobile Company (he was probably first to use a metal body on a production automobile (1899). Chapters four through eight outline in detail the large-frame repeaters, the small-frame repeaters, the solid-frame single-shot rifles, the detachable-interchangeable barrel model single-shots and lastly the very rare military and experimental models. Each model is covered in depth with many detailed photographs of the interior parts and workings of the repeaters. Chapter nine covers the fascinating and equally unknown world of Bullard cartridges and reloading tools. The final chapter outlines in chart form almost 500 Bullard rifles by serial number, caliber and type. Quick and easy to use, this book is a real benefit for collectors and dealers alike.