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MR913 BLUNDERBUSS; Approximately a 70 caliber blunderbuss with the typical flared muzzle. Diameter at the muzzle is 1-1/2 inches. Barrel length is 17 inches. This blunderbuss is percussion. It has the typical ornate engraving towards the hammer area and also at the muzzle. This has a metal trigger guard and brass forearm tip/holder. Ram rod is present. Good hammer and trigger springs. Some very small markings on the lock which are not readable. No other markings visible and we do not want to take it apart to see if there is anything under the barrel. There is one very old style sling swivel on the butt plate. Looks like there was a crack on the bottom of the gun by the long trigger tang. Looks like it was glued back in place with original wood a long time ago. Metal butt plate is the “Widows Peak” style fits very good to the stock. Very nice overall with dings and scratches. Amazing that something like this has survived all these years! Bore is rough and would benefit from a good cleaning. You won’t find anything cooler to display than a blunderbuss and this is a nice example.

ANTIQUE  $ 2,295.