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C1728 SMALL FRAME COLT LIGHTNING RIFLE; 22 cal. This is a very nice example with most shiny receiver blue remaining. Bbl also has nearly all blue with some aging to it and light freckling towards the muzzle. Bottom of the gun at the carry point has turned an aged brown color along with the trigger guard and lower tang. Lyman beaded front sight. The upper tang is equipped with a Lyman tang sight with small aperture in tact. There is a couple extra holes in this sight. Evidently was used on a couple of different guns. It is an old sight and in period with the gun. Wood is very nice. Good fitting to frame and tangs. Normal handling marks but no cracks or losses. Very nice hard rubber buttplate. Forearm is VG. Looks nice with just one small hairline crack coming off the left side. Bore is shiny with decent rifling. Nice smooth action. A very nice example of a hard to find rifle. The 22 Cal Lightning rifles will take all Long or all Short .22 cartridges, or part Long and part Short.

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